Sunday, March 04, 2007

Type No Evil, Click No Evil, Browse No Evil, & Jeff

So, I've been accused of being a computer nerd, but I've never done this. Check out what I spied at LAX during my layover on my way home. Four folks all in a row, identical computers. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

It was a GREAT trip home! The nice Delta clerk at LAX upgraded me to first-class; I wish I could always fly that way. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode "The Airport" where Jerry had a first-class seat and Elaine got stuck in coach? Reality ain't that far from their depiction, but I had an empty seat next to me. That was cool, I just chilled and watched "Rocky Balboa" on my personal LCD screen. It was a really good movie, by the way.

By the way, my EMT class ended quite well. I learned a LOT! Not only that, but it was a great group of folks, and as always I enjoyed getting to know everyone. I'll go and take the NREMT Exam this week. Now, I'm going to catch up on my sleep!

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