Thursday, March 01, 2007


I passed the practicals today! If you have a "critical fail" on any of the six assessments, you have a chance to do them over. I got them all on the first try! WOOHOO!

Tomorrow morning is Exam #5, and then Saturday morning is the big, bad final. Supposedly, it will be very similar to what we will experience on the NREMT certification test. At a whopping 150 questions, it will be a lot of fun - if you're into that sort of thing.

The VERY cool thing is that in almost exactly 48 hours from the time I am writing this entry, I will be landing back in Atlanta. Home sweet home. It'll be great to see Jamie and the kids. Rebekah had a meltdown tonight when I talked to her and told me "I just can't take it anymore! I want you to come home now!" It's great to be loved.

One last thought: Someone said a very cool thing to me today after my first practical, which was the trauma assessment. Trauma is one of the two most involved assessments we do, for obvious reasons. I was the second in my group to volunteer to complete a scenario. What happens is, you walk outside and the proctor sets up a trauma scenario with another student. That student acts it out, and it's my job to ascertain what the injuries are and treat them accordingly while keeping in mind the criticality of rapid transport. My patient had a compound fracture of the left leg and pain in his abdomen after a MVA. My assessment went smoothly, and I felt really good about it. After it was over, the proctor asked what I thought was wrong with the patient (she asked me afterwards because an EMT's job is not really diagnosis). I said that it was probably an abdominal bleed, and I was right! One of my classmates, who is a very nice lady a bit older than I said, "Bill, you should be a doctor." It doesn't sound like much, but that really encouraged me.

On that note, the sandman is calling.


Connie said...

Good job Mr. Bill!! I just caught up on your posts. Somehow I missed all this. Make sure jamie knows she can call on us anytime she needs to.

I'm proud of you!!

wdsims3 said...

Thanks Connie!! It's such a blessing to have friends like you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, I faithfully read your posts to keep up with you. I admire your courage and commitment to what you believe God has called you to do. Take care brother.

wdsims3 said...

Thanks so much Russell. Your encouragement is such a blessing.