Thursday, August 10, 2006

His Strength

I just can't understand what would possess someone to want to kill themselves and 300 more people with them on an airplane. It's a good thing that I don't understand. What deep hatred must be in their souls. The strange thing is that they would think themselves quite religious individuals. I'm not into religion, I'm into a relationship with Jesus. Thank the Lord for His protection, and great job to the hard working folks that caught these psychos.

Today I attended the Willow Leadership Summit. I've only heard Bill Hybels speak a couple of times, but his talk this morning really hit home. He spoke on the life cycle of a leader. Towards the end, he told a story of what he called a 'defining moment' in his life. He was in Zambia helping to hand out large bags of food grade 'mealy meal'. A young woman whose husband had died of AIDS, and who had two children of her own, had taken in an additional two children who had been orphaned by AIDS. She was a small woman, and couldn't pick up the bag of food so she started to drag the bag down the road. He decided to help her carry it to her house (which turned out to be 2 miles away). As he walked along the path talking to the woman, he said that the importance of succeeding as a leader in the church hit him hard. He felt the Lord saying to him, "Bill, if your leadership fails, people die." Man, what a responsibility we have. The rest of the day, that same statement has echoed in my mind, "Bill, if your leadership fails, people die."

Lord, give us as leaders of your church the strength to succeed.

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