Sunday, July 30, 2006

Old is Relative

It's been an interesting month! I've led a mission trip to Costa Rica, vacation, pastor's retreat, and in the middle of all of that work and family. It hasn't lent itself to spending much time blogging. The weird thing is that I really do enjoy this.

My kids are amazed by the funniest things. As I was writing this entry, Hannah noticed me typing and said, "How are you doing that!". Now, keep in mind that I am not a particularly great typist, but it looks impressive (as long as no one notices me hitting the backspace key hundreds of times). I told her that I took lessons when I was in high school from a wonderful, and eternally patient, teacher Mrs. Terry. Get this: on an old IBM Selectric typewriter! Believe me, I don't feel old!! Is 37 really old? When I was 16 it seemed ancient. Now, I delude myself into thinking that it is still 'spring chicken' age. My friend George likes to say that "Denial is not just a river in Egypt." To which I respond, "What were we talking about?"

Well, knocking on the door of the big 4-0 is a strange place to be. I have learned by experience now that it creeps up on you. It makes me wonder if the next 40 years will go by as fast. It just reminds me that I MUST use every moment wisely.
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