Monday, July 31, 2006

No Technology Required

I know this; you realize how much you are dependent on technology when it isn't available! Our church's server and internet connection has been down for a day or so, and it really has put a monkey wrench in the the works. E-mail, internet, sharing files; what do we do without it? How did we function before it?

Oh well, I suppose it doesn't hurt to get out pen and paper and pick up the phone. It's a good thing we don't have an IP phone.

I had a thought: Do I depend on the Lord even as much as something like technology? If He were "not available" for a time, I think it would become quite obvious how much I need Him. In fact, I believe He does pull away a bit sometimes (at the same time, He never leaves us) just to remind us how much our lives truly depend on His love, grace, and guidance. It may be painful for a time, but it is a true act of love on His part.

I just thought of something else. It's a good thing I don't need e-mail, or even a phone, to contact Jesus. He's always there, and He will always listen. No technology required.

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TonyMontanaro said...

i know what your saying man, just yesterday i was having a horrible day and it really felt like god wasn't there. But when i was getting ready to go to bed, i was praying and it seemed like God was saying to me,"see how much you need me" powerful stuff man