Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things Don't Always Play Out Like You Expect

It's no secret but in case you have not heard, Jamie and I have come to the conclusion that med-school is NOT the right direction for our family. So, now I am very excited that I am going back into my first career love - computers. Yes, we prayed hard about it and have a peace that a career in medicine is not the Lord's will and I have no regrets. This was one of those cases where I told God that I would move forward and if He told me to stop at ANY point, I would do so on a dime. He has a reason for all things. Sometimes I believe He has you move down a difficult path with an uncertain future just to test and see if you are willing.

Bottom line, my family needs me to be involved with them for the next 8 years. The pre-med program that I started was really just a test case to see what the load would be and if we could balance family and school. After a few weeks, and completing the first class, it became obvious that it was one or the other, not both. In any scenario, I'll always choose what is best for my family.

The great thing is that I have planned all along to use my EMT certification as an extra skill for leading mission trips. It's a win either way.

Now, as I mentioned, I'm excited about getting back into an Information Technology career full-time. The really good thing is that I still was able to stay up on my technical skills at the church, since that was one of my many responsibilities, so there was really no lapse of continuity. OK, now you can start with the geek and nerd comments, I've heard them all. I'm teaching myself Cisco at this point, and plan to take the tests necessary to earn my CCNA certification. I'm also thinking about expanding my systems administration knowledge to Unix and Linux platforms. One thing at a time, however. Cisco is first, and very much in demand.

Until next time: Please pray for me in my job search that I would find the exact job that God wants me to have. Peace...


Connie said...

so glad to finally hear from you. We've been missing seeing you. just got used to being harrassed by you and you dissappeared on us! Keep in touch okay

wdsims3 said...

Hi Connie! We miss seeing you guys too. You know me, I have to keep moving around so the law doesn't catch up to me. ;-)

Tell Brian I said hello, and I'll see you soon!