Thursday, June 14, 2007


Sometimes you just get a lesson in humility. The Bible says:

"First pride, then the crash— the bigger the ego, the harder the fall." (Pr. 16:18, MSG)

Just when you think you know all there is to know; just when you think you are a peg above others around you -- that's when you feel the full force of this verse. Sometimes it can be devastating, others it is just a lesson learned after which you become a far better person. I always prefer the latter. Either way, being humbled by the Lord is painful. Fortunately, our Lord's correction is because he dearly cares for us.

I have four children, and they are precious to me. One thing that I absolutely despise is having to discipline them. It hurts me to see them hurt, and when I am punishing them I am the source of their pain. The old cliche is absolutely true, "This hurts me more than it hurts you." As a child, you have no comprehension of that statement, and you scoff at every word. Scoff all you want, it doesn't make it less true.

As a Dad, I comprehend a very tiny sample of what God feels like when He has to chastise me. He's NOT some big tyrant sitting up in Heaven just looking for a reason to blast you with the biggest lightning bolt He can muster. He is a God who hurts when He has to correct us. He would much rather take us in His arms and say, "I'm so pleased with you my child."

My child, don’t reject the Lord’s discipline,
and don’t be upset when he corrects you.
For the Lord corrects those he loves,
just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights. (Pr. 3:11-12, NLT)

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