Tuesday, May 16, 2006


My task list grows, and my blog entries get shorter. I suppose that everything in life has a balance. Maybe folks like shorter entries? In our fast paced, task packed lives, who has time to read? Who has time to rest? Who has time to relax and enjoy time with our friends and family?

One last question: Which is more important, getting our task list completed or living fulfilled and contented lives surrounded by those we love - and those we love knowing that we love them by our actions?

Yeah, life is in a balance, but if I were unbalanced I think I would rather tip on the side of relationships.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me Bill, your tasks will never be finished, the list only gets longer the older you get!!!! So, my advice to you is to please live a fullfilled life...........enjoy work, family, and friends............this is what fullfills you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest will fall into place!!!!

God Bless You & Yours,
Aunt M.L.